Is supporting and managing your server infrastructure becoming too costly? Can your current IT environment quickly respond to new business requirements or balance IT supply as demand increases?

If so, consider virtualization to reduce your IT costs and obtain multiple business benefits!

Virtualization can help you lower IT costs by up to 50% while increasing the availability and agility of your IT infrastructure.

Benefits include:

• Provide business continuity and always-available IT
• Reduce IT footprint and simplify management
• Save on IT hardware costs
• Improve service levels and application quality
• Strengthen security and data protection

Eagle Tech can implement Virtual Enviroments from any Vendor including Open Source but our preferred partner is VMWARE



Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Crisis Crisis

Just as Servers and Applications have been virtualized, Virtual Desktop or VDI is solving IT and budget problems. If you are wondering if it is suitable for your company, please answer the following questions:

  • Do you find that the cost and complexity of maintaining your desktop environment continues to increase and that you struggle to keep up with user requirements?
  • Do you lack resources to perform critical IT operations to meet the expectations of your users?
  • What are the steps and how long does it take to roll out application or OS patches and upgrades?
  • With your current desktop management tasks, do you have time left to research and/or roll out new projects?
  • Are users able to leverage the device of their choice (e.g. tablet, employee owned laptop, home computer) for work purposes?
  • Are you comfortable with your ability to protect and control sensitive data that is critical to your organization?

How did you do? let us point out the benefits of VDI in your Organization:

  • With desktop image management centralized IT operations can be performed more efficiently, allowing you to reduce IT management costs while meeting the expectations of users and your business.
  • Updates and patches can be applied to one or a few gold images and then pushed out across the user population helping to simplify and speed up this process.
  • Centralizing your desktop environment and simplifying IT tasks gives your IT team time to focus on other, non-maintenance projects to meet the evolving demands of users.
  • Each user points the device of their choice to their personalized desktop running centrally in the data center, allowing for easy support of multiple device types.
  • Meeting security and compliance mandates can be simplified as data is moved off of endpoints, centralized in the datacenter with access controlled by IT set policy.