My name is Marlyn Ramirez. I’m a Help Desk Specialist and Dispatcher with more than a decade of experience working within the intricacies of people and project management. I have enjoyed being at Eagle Tech Corp for over six years, serving our amazing clients, techs, and engineers with their different technical needs. 

Outside of  Eagle Tech Corp, I enjoy growing organic vegetables in our garden, taking care of our small family farm, and watching movies with my husband and grown son. 
At Eagle Tech, we live a culture of excellence, from the moment a client makes the first call with service questions or technical issues, I’m always here to offer my very best!
I’m very proud to belong to such a great team of IT professionals, providing outstanding service to our clients.
I hope to serve you with your IT needs in the future. 

We work with domestic and international organizations within the D.C. Metro area, helping them fight cyber security threats as well as IT management problems to protect their digital assets both on-premises and through the cloud.

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