Eduard Lavilla with more than 20 years of experience in the filed has help positions in International Organizations as CTO and been in the board of directors of financial institutions and also been advisor of education institutions around the Washington DC Area.

Also providing his experience and expertise on various conferences and webinars helping personal and business growth

Now co-founder of Eagle Tech and responsible for strategic vision and planning. He provides leadership, holding the organization accountable to stakeholders and its own policies, presenting the appropriate image to the public, and directing the short- and long-range goals of the company.

He is responsible for reporting directly to the board of directors.
He directly supervise the top level of management.
He is responsible for the budget, fiscal management and financial health of the organization.

He posses excellent communication skills and is able and willing to represent the company publicly. He has finance skills, acumen for developing strategies, and good interpersonal skills.

He holds ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the organization.

We work with domestic and international organizations within the D.C. Metro area, helping them fight cyber security threats as well as IT management problems to protect their digital assets both on-premises and through the cloud.

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