Cloud Services: Communication At a New Level

Communication is essential for any company or business, and we are certain that you know it. To guarantee communication in the best way possible, we create safe and efficient connections for your business through cloud services, taking your company or business to new heights!

One of the main benefits we love about cloud services is that it allows us to provide you with a tailored solution for your company so you’ll never have to pay for a service you don’t want or require. Eagle Tech Corp envisions your goals as if they were our own and makes them happen in a way that only the Internet can.

Meet Our Cloud Services

If you don’t know anything about cloud services or don’t quite understand them yet, we’re here to help. We want to make sure that even the information we give our clients is valuable to them. We’ll show you the things you want to know about our cloud services and how they’re useful for your company in the most comprehensible way.

Cloud Computing

Essentially, cloud services are computing services offered to you through the internet referred to as “the cloud”. The cloud services available at Eagle Tech Corp are cloud networking, cloud storage, cloud servers, VoIP (hosted phone service), cloud and mobile applications, backups and last but not least, private, public and hybrid cloud.

Why is Cloud Computing the Best Option?

Think for a moment about traditional computing services and everything that would imply: Having the infrastructure required for networking your whole company’s computers, the storage space needed to keep all of your company’s data and the way you would make it accessible for your employees but not to anyone trying to steal it, the adequate amount of servers to manage your computers, printing machines, files, databases and networks along with the space where they should be stored, a way you can monitor every internet connected device, a way to establish safe connections with the employees outside of your facilities or for companies who don’t have facilities at all and a backup for all of your data. Yes, it’s just a lot.

With the proper knowledge, cloud services just make computing easy, inexpensive and efficient. All of the services mentioned before are virtualized, eliminating the necessity to buy physical equipment which reduces costs, protects data in a safer way and monitors every activity. Whether your business has physical facilities or not, cloud computing will connect all of your company’s computers as if they were in the same place.

Choose the Solution that Matters to You.

So what specific cloud services you need? They will vary depending on what you’re looking for. All cloud services operate within the cloud. We explain what they are specifically used for:

Cloud networking offers virtual infrastructure to connect any computers inside or outside your office space. Things such as routers, switches, firewalls, etc; for the network are obtainable through the cloud and you can get as many as needed, making those connections more secure. Cloud servers are various virtual servers operating as if they were one to distribute connections better. Cloud storage is where you can store all your files and access them with internet connection. Cloud and mobile applications are software for portable computing devices. VoIP are phone services housed in the cloud.

These cloud services, along with backup services and private, public or hybrid cloud are available at Eagle Tech Corp. You can choose to work with our cloud services or certified cloud service providers through our partnerships. Call Eagle Tech Corp to learn more. We are pleased to assist you!

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