Are you facing any of the following challenges?

1. Do you have production servers that are more than 5 years old and are a potential for unplanned downtime or unreliable service levels? A number of industry watchers such as IDC have recommended replacing any production server more than 4 years old due to reliability and efficiency issues.

2. Are you concerned with the reliability of your current servers? As servers age, it is common for many components such as fans, power supplies and other components to reach or exceed MTBF ratings, exposing you to failures and business application downtime.

3. Do you need to reduce the cost of server operations? The costs from inefficient, older servers comes from many different elements. A comprehensive updated server solution can reduce your operating costs.

4. Are you paying for maintenance contracts for servers no longer under warranty? The cost of maintenance contracts for older servers can run up to $600 per year! This can be avoided with new servers covered under included warranties.

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