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Cyber attacks have the power of shutting down companies. According to the global risks report by the World Economic Forum cybersecurity is ranked the #1 concern for doing business in the technological age. We want to keep you updated on the latest news and help you protect your most valuable asset: your data.


Google’s Malicious Calendar Invites

More than 1 billion users are at risk due to a vulnerability recently found in the calendar app.

The app allows anyone to schedule in the calendar, which is built integrated with Gmail, in this way, a legitimate-looking, but malicious link could easily be sent for a person to click and compromise entire systems or networks.

The majority of the links found were linked to online polls with financial rewards with the purpose of collecting credit card credentials.

Raising awareness among your staff can make a difference in reducing the risk of an attack.

The add-in that could put your company at risk

Researchers at Mimecast discovered in Microsoft Excel, one of the most popular tools among companies, that could compromise the user’s system and launch malware remotely.

The flaw affects mostly data analysts or business intelligence executive as it lies in the Power Query tool, designed to import and transform data from multiple sources such as external databases and websites.

Malicious code is embedded in open source data sets, leaving the user exposed to an exploit.

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Venmo users targeted

Scammers deliver text messages with malicious links to Venmo users.

The malicious link redirects users to a fake website that collects their personal and banking information.The phishing message states that the users’ Venmo account will be charged unless they decline the operation, for which they need to log in with their phone number and password.

Users are then asked to verify themselves by typing their payment card numbers along with additional personal and financial information.