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Not Strictly a Financial Formula

Eagle Tech was founded by former International Organizations Staff members who had worked with non-profit organizations for many years including NGOs, Associations and Credit Unions. Eagle Tech was created to address the unique IT challenges of non-profit organizations, given that we understand the struggles since we experienced them ourselves. We know how hard it was to find a technology company that understood grants, donations, and how to present ROI. Eagle Tech also knows the importance of good stewardship of resources to increase the outcome because for not for profit organizations intentions are to change lives.

So ROI is not a strictly financial formula. Actual ROI is based on many factors, including hard-to-quantify things such as organizational culture, training, and readiness for adoption. The benefits of a major tech investment are proportional to the readiness of your particular organization. We are ready to help you evaluate and implement any solution.


Non-Profit | NGO | Associations

Eagle Tech Corp is a strong and multi-certified professional services firm with specializations and expertise to meet the organization requirements. Strategically aligned with the strongest technology partners as HPE, Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Sophos, Cisco, HP, Lenovo, we are agile enough to accelerate excellence in networking systems. We deliver a full range of IT consulting solutions for International Organizations and other non-profit agencies.

Some of the solution that we can provide:

- Tech Soup Setup and Accreditation

- Microsoft 365 Full Implementation (Licenses for Non-Profit)

- IP Phone Systems (Cloud or Premises)

- Cloud Infrastructure

- Backup and Disaster Recovery

- Unlimited Helpdesk Support

International Organizations


Since we are headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, near the nation's capital, Washington, DC and with remote offices in Caracas, Venezuela and Victoria, BC, Canada, and our personnel has been trained to be deployed at a moment notice, this enables us to deliver services not only nationwide but also internationally.





Including the services mentioned above, below are detailed other services that could help International Organizations:

  • Service Desk (Helpdesk) 24/7 On-Premise or Remote.
  • Global Network Administration from a single interface.
  • Data Center Virtualization (Servers, Storage, Network, Desktops).
  • Data Storage Solutions (SAN, NAS, Flash, Big Data).
  • Cloud Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Desktops, Disaster Recovery, Migrations and Management).
  • Server Infrastructure (Blade Servers, High-End, Hyper Converge).
  • Network Infrastructure (firewall, switches, wireless, cloud Management).
  • Cyber Security (monitoring, log analysis, identity management, assessments, end point security protection, traffic analysis, events correlations).
  • Staffing (Staff-Augmentation, Part-Time and Full Time).


Here at Eagle Tech Corp. We have the ability to provide you with comprehensive management and maintenance of your IT. Give us a call at 703-672-0084 today.