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Malware can be found almost anywhere through the internet and when it comes to companies or businesses, constant doorways for malware are created each day without you knowing or noticing. Many of these companies have experienced malware attacks resulting in the loss of exorbitant amounts of money and like it happened to them, it can happen to you.

No matter the size of your business, safety is a must, and that includes cyber security. Eagle Tech Corp can protect you from malware. We’ll always keep a sharp eye out to leave no room for attacks. Ready to safeguard your data? Get in touch with us to start off with a free consultation!

Malware: Learn More About the Cyber Threats After Your Busines

Malware is the abbreviation for malicious software. Anyone who tries to implant this in your device or system is up to no good and now more than ever, black hat hackers are constantly looking for an opportunity to penetrate your device with malware in order to steal valuable resources to your business such as data, money and so on.

Preventing and taking action against cyber threats implies a better understanding of the problem. Malware can go from annoying pop ups to data stealing. Since it isn’t the same thing as a virus, it requires special protective measures. We’ve broken-down the different types of malware and the harm they can cause.


This type of malware hides in your computer and monitors what you do. Spyware can track and access your email and even steal your password.


One of the most dangerous ones, specially for small to medium businesses which are the main target to ransomware nowadays because it locks your computer and holds it hostage, forcing you to pay money to get your files back.


Worms spread many copies of themselves in your files, however it doesn’t need to attach itself to a program in order to operate. Once they start doing so, they can delete files and download more malware into your device.

Trojan Horse

There are many types of Trojan horse malware, but the thing that distinguishes them is that they hide in what appears to be harmless software. Among their classification we have banking Trojan that gets in the back of a conversation to steal personal info or money, a backdoor Trojan which creates a backdoor to access your device and steal or download malware, a downloader Trojan which injects malware, info stealer that steals data, remote access Trojan that allows full control over your device and last but not least DDoS which stands for distributed denial of service, meaning it flows a network with tons of traffic to take it down.

Rogueware & Scareware

This software will display a message claiming there is a problem on your device and will offer to solve it if you pay a certain amount.

What Can You Do Against Malware

With the complexity of the network, the average measures against malware that we’ve all heard off simply aren’t enough, yet this doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice. Eagle Tech Corp works with leading brands, such as Cisco, to provide you with advanced malware protection including detection, blocking and removal.

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