What Are Eagle Tech Cloud Services ?

Who knows better the Cloud but an Eagle !!!

It is a set of products, services and enablement tools available from Eagle Tech that help our customers find, and utilize Cloud opportunities, from the Data Center to the edge, whether it is private, public or hybrid Cloud architectures.

Companies are starting to utilize cloud computing in higher concentrations. The recent boom in the capabilities of utility computing in the cloud presents many small and midsize businesses with alternative ways of substantially enhancing production anywhere there is Internet access. Cloud computing presents solutions for any of your businesses's problems; from e-mail, to communications, to a full-scaled hosted infrastructure. In this way cloud computing is presenting companies of all sizes considerable benefits.


The Cloud could become a very complicated environment and there are hundreds of companies with many offerings to you from major providers like Google, Amazon or Microsoft or start-up companies that could close at any time with all you data on it,  at Eagle Tech we have partnered with many cloud service providers but we also offer our own cloud services; all of this to better server our customers in this transition to the cloud.

Does it mean everything will go to the cloud?  No, it means that together, with our partners and clients, we will determine when it would make sense and when it would not make sense to make the move.



Cloud Services We Offer:

- Cloud Networking

- Storage

- Servers

- VoIP ( Hosted Phone Service)

- Backups

- Cloud and Mobile Applications

- Private, Public or Hybrid Clouds