Teo (formerly Tone Commander Systems) is an innovative telecommunications company specializing in telephone and network solutions for Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, educational institutions and small and large businesses around the world

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Truly Unified communications

Teo UC is the only truly unified communications solution on the market today. Teo’s platform integrates core communications capabilities such as email, voicemail, voice-conferencing, desk phones, mobile phones, soft phones, IM, fax and call recording into one unified platform. With Teo UC’s advanced mobile capabilities, today’s information workers can be as productive, if not more, working remotely as they are at their desks. The open standards based technology also integrates easily with existing infrastructures and is scalable and flexible to enable ease of management. For more information on Teo UC,

visit https://www.teotech.com/products/uc/features/uc-architecture.php#content-top


Teo helps organizations achieve more with communications tools that are extremely easy to use. Available in Premise, Cloud, and Cloud Plus deployments, Teo is the only solution provider that can switch your deployment type without interruption to your service, as your needs change. Ultimate UC applications, Ultimate Ease of Use, and Ultimate Flexibility.


Teo offers numerous ways to integrate our system and applications through email, calendars, web based CRMs, Contact Centers, screen sharing, and social media. Integrated and intuitive, Our communication tools can will help you create an optimal working environment.


Our customers are amazed by how intuitive and powerful our communications solutions are. What may be most amazing in today's high tech world is that our solutions are manufactured in the USA. Shrinking the distance between engineering and production improves product quality, customer support, and ultimately the customer ownership experience.


With on premise installations and cloud on a singular code base, Teo is enabling true access capabilities. Our services are ready to scale on premise, in the cloud, or both with fully integrated endpoints for seamless interoperability. Being built on open standards for flawless connectivity with all things SIP, Teo's product is unlike anything else.